Last week brought a few issues in the classroom.  We had to revisit the rules about talking when others are talking and how to work together in the classroom.  There were some minor issues with getting along or getting along a little too well.  It will be good to get a little space from each other on Monday and then have a rip roarin trip to the Zoo on Tuesday and then not get back to facing eachother in the pods until Wednesday.  The week will fly by.

There were 3 math sheets that came home.  Sorry, but with not too much other stuff I figured it would be ok.  We really need to have you do those Zoo sheets as practice for our trip to the Zoo and then we only have 3 days to wrap up our unit in math as the math test is Monday, You really need to get good at tables, situation equations and comparison words. 

Five tickets to everyone who gets a note from their parent saying "My kid explained this situation equation to me".  Here's the situation:  Isaiah blogged 10 comments.  Kennedy blogged 5 comments.  For every 5 comments Kennedy blogs, Isaiah blogs 10.  The equation is     K x 2 = A
              Kids-- K stands for Kennedy
                       A stands for Isaiah  (I couldn't use and I because it looks like a 1)
            So if  Kennedy blogs 20 comments, mom and dad, how many does Isaiah blog?
            The comparison words are :   Kennedy blogs 1/2 as much as Isaiah
                                                       Isaiah blogs twice as much as Kennedy or two times as much.

This is tough stuff.  The test is full of this stuff.  Now make a table showing    K     1    5         21
                                                                                                               A      2   10  14  
That's on the test too!!

Enjoy your day off.  Be sure and remember your bag lunch on Tuesday if you didn't order one from the school.  Also, dress for outside as many of the things we do at the zoo will be outdoors.

Think of poor old Mrs. Kovacs sitting at the school on Monday grading and correcting and straightening up and cleaning.

See ya Tuesday.       Mrs. K