We watched two big puppet shows today so we have 4 left to watch on Monday.  OJ's group may need to go again since they went today with a substitute Rudolph.  This had to be done because another cast members mom took off work to come watch the show so...the show had to go on!

Our reindeer books are really cute as are our puppets.  What fun we have been having focusing on Rudolph.  As you no doubt read in the peek, next week we are going to focus on "All of the Other Reindeer".  That should be fun too.

The stomach flu is racing through this school like wild fire.  Mrs. Shea had 13 students out one day this week.  Weird!!  But maybe kind of fun too.  She said she only has 9 kids in all who haven't had the flu.  Isn't that crazy?!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.  Get outside and play in the snow.  I just love snow.  It is so beautiful!!   Mrs. K