We had our final shows on Friday.  They were great!!  We are now done with our tricky troll plays.  Monday we will break down the "set" and get our classroom back to normal.  That will feel good.

Our final phase of the troll study is to write our books.  The blank books have arrived and the assignment sheet went home for a parent review and the brainstorming of the story lines.  Be creative folks, it will be fun!!

Next week we will start writing our books, start our reading unit called Problem Solvers, continue with multiplying big numbers, and continue learning "shocking" things about electricity.  We also have 2 guest readers coming which will be lots of fun.

Here's what you need to do to earn 10 tickets this weekend:  I will give everyone who writes an article about the Olympics for the KONEKA PRESS "In the News" section 10 tickets.  Your article may be about a particular event, one person who competed, a great victory story, a sad loss story, or what ever you like as long as it's about the Olympics.  Your article would need to be about 100 words long.  I will run them in the paper next week.  You can find what you want to write about online, in the newspaper, or in a magazine.  Do a little research and make sure your facts are accurate.  Have Fun!!

Have a great weekend.  Mrs. K