What do you think 'tried and true' means?  You can ask your parents or grandparents.  Here, I'll use it in a sentence for you:     Practicing math facts with flash cards is a tried and true method for improving your computational fluency. 

If you blog me a pretty good definition of what 'tried and true' means then I will give you 3 tickets in the morning.

Now, about the tired and blue part.  Partly, I was just trying to be poetic.  See how a word repeats and there is rhyming?  Partly I am tired because the meeting the 4th grade teachers had this morning started at 8:00 a.m. and then we taught and then we had another meeting until right now--4:50!  I am too pooped to pop!  I'm not really blue but it rhymed so nicely with true that I had to use it.

If you blog me a good definition of what it means to be blue I will give you an additional 2 tickets.  Wow, I must be feeling generous, that's 5 tickets just from blogging!

Good luck in your football game Zach and Ethan and Alec.  2 more days until your birthday, Katalin!  See you all tomorrow.

Mrs. K