Per and the Dahla Horse is a great story that lays out many many characteristics of trolls.  Today's BHTQ is, what are some characteristics of Trolls that you learned from this story OR from The Trouble with Trolls by Jan Brett.  I will give you 1 ticket for every characteristics you can come up with.  You should use different ones than everyone else AND there is a cap of 6 tickets.  Good Luck.

For an immediate trip to the prize bucket, you must blog two things 1.  what is the reality and what is the fantasy in Mr. Doeblers troll poem, and 2. what is the reality in your own poem? 


Mix fantasy with reality, 
A little IF with a little then,
Add some rhythm and rhyming words,
And copy it in pen.

Today's Kuddos go out to Olivia Thomas for organizing the Math card box.  Way to go Olivia!!  The rest of you, lets be more careful when we put those cards away at the end of math IE.  For example, Olivia found a ton of 3-somethings in the Unit 4 part of the box.  Hey, I just had an idea, maybe the box is too full!  What if I pulled some of the later units out and stored them somewhere else so it would be easier to move the tabs back and forth in the box?  What do you think?

Have a great night and wrap up your rough draft of your Troll poem.  Tomorrow we will start on the art part--after a peer editing session, of course.         Mrs. Kovacs