We had 5 trick or treaters this year which is 5 more than we had last year.  Sad.  We used to get many more but...our kids are grown up and you know how dark it gets down my dead end street.  It's too long of a walk with too little of a reward.  Vlad went to his friends where they answered the door with scary faces to try to scare the little kids.  He said not that many kids came there either.  Weird!  Maybe Monday Halloweens are not that great.

It was a fun day in school, though.  We read by the light of our glow sticks and flashlights, watched Shrek, relooked at our Math formulas and added one new one.  We will take a quick quiz in math tomorrow along with some timed tests.  We will draw some pantaminos or something like that (spelling?) and then work some more triangle problems.  I will give each person who can blog at least 2 area formulas an immediate trip to the prize bucket.  Remember, we know an area formula for rectangles, right triangles, parallelograms, and now all other triangles.  A bonus 2 trip treck to the bucket if you can state the rule for finding the perimeter--of all those same shapes as well.

Good luck.  Hope you collected a ton of candy.  Be sure and read what I put on the homework tab.  Also, finally, some pictures!!  Check them out!!     Mrs. Kovacs