How was your track and field day?  Did you set any world records?  Jake did GREAT in the high school conference golf match today.  He got a 79 which was awesome.  He was a little bummed because everyone who got a 78 or better got to go to the state golf match.  Missed it by 1 stroke.  Kind of sad but still I want to celebrate because he really golfed great!

So I sent a lot of you comments on your glog page.  Go to glogster, check under your glog page for comments.  Did I comment to you?  Comment back to me and then blog to let me know you commented back to me.  I am a little curious about how much you worked on your glog pages today.  I had the computers checked out for an hour and a half and yet it didn't look like you made much progress on the glog pages.  Rachel's and Gavin's and Antonia's are unchanged from how I saw them before.  Did something come up?  Blog me a comment about what happened at school today and in particular how much time you had to work on your glog page and I will include you in the chocolate challenge for tomorrow.

Gotta go talk to Jake.  He's bummed out that he didn't make it to state.  At his school they announced that one guy from White Bear Lake made it to state (Adam B.) and Jake Kovacs missed it by 1 stroke.  He's sad cause now he'll have to relive it tomorrow when all the teachers say, "Jake, how could you be so close!  Bummer that you didn't make it!"  He's already getting text messages from his friends.  If you have time, blog a comment to Jake and I'll have him read it.  Say something nice like how great that he did so well.

I'll be back tomorrow.  Hope you had a great day.  I missed you!