Maybe I am overwhelming you but ouch man, this class needs to settle down and focus.  Today we had the lap top lab.  Let me just say that we are researching reindeer and making a power point about them was painful.  Mrs. Severson was trying to help but...she would say, "Listen now, I'm going to show you how to copy and print and insert a picture onto  a slide in your power point" and as soon as she was done someone would look up and say, "How do I insert a picture into my power point?"  It would be funnier if it wasn't so spot on true.  YIKES!! 

Anyway, the very best way to figure out how to do a power point is for you to simply PLAY AROUND WITH IT!!  You will learn best by doing and trying, and readjusting if it didn't work and trying something else.  Power point may not be something you even use in a year BUT learning to dig around on a computer program (like power point) is something you will need to do your whole life.  There is nothing you can do to ruin it.  You can start again, retry, whatever you need to do.  Please focus less on messing up and more on just jumping in and trying things.  Click away, little children, click away.

Today's BHTQ has to do with our ticket system.  I am serious about kids having to return tickets to me as fines.  If you have an idea for a fine schedule please blog it as a comment and you will get 2 tickets.  There are 8 ticket chances today, I think.  How can we use paying fines with tickets to get kids to STOP acting up and behaving inappropriately?  Write away.