You guys are starting to sing along with my Tonic Sol-Fa CD!  Fun!!  They are the group I saw in concert with my whole family over Christmas break.  They sang Christmas music.  Now they are coming to Maplewood Community Center, where the Ashland Productions put on a play last year.  Cool!!  I am going to go again.  Probably Friday.  Maybe I'll buy another CD.

So, we need a BHTQ.  Hmmm...let me think.  Austin was here and he and I tried and tried but just couldn't come up with something.  He's gone now so I'll have to think about it alone.  Hmmm...for 2 tickets write a blog comment that explains in your own words [using comparison language if you can] the relationship between triangles and parallelograms.  You can do it.  And trust me, they are related.

What else?  In your own words blog a comment that tells me what the main focus of our last IE reading groups has been.  If you get it right, I will give you an immediate trip to the prize bucket.                  Have a great night!