After 3 days at Long Lake and two weeks of Holiday Break, we are finally heading back to the classroom tomorrow.  I have run into a few kids and they all say the same thing--YEA!!  I miss all my friends and all the fun we have at school.

Things to bring with you for the first day back:
   1.  December reading calendar;
   2.  December book project;
   3.  Lit circle book, completed and the discussion pack that came with it done and ready to turn in;
   4.  Holiday Brainwork pack with 2 word pages and 2 math pages completed;
   5.  Long Lake Journal;
   6.  Engineering "Trash to Ingenious Useful item or Treasure" project
   7.  Planner
   8.  Life Journal  (make sure it is at school ready to be written in--we have so much to tell)
   9.  Permission slip to go to the band and choir concert at Central--did those go home yet?  IF not, look for it soon.
  10. All your fun stories, bubbly personalities, smiles, enthusiastic ideas and spongey brains ready to learn

Wow, that is quite a list.  Also, dress warmly, it is supposed to be COLD!  Don't forget a lunch if you bring one from home.  So much to think about...I need a nap.

I have actually been dreaming about school the last few nights.  One dream was a nightmare and looked like the page in the book FIRST DAY JITTERS where Mary Jane is imagining what the kids will look like.  The other one was just that we were all so excited to be back.  I'm sure the second one is how it will be, right?  See ya tomorrow!