Tomorrow is 
    1.  Read-a-thon day.  We are doing something FUN!!  Bring your sleeping bag, pillow and a good book.
    2.  Hat day.  Pay a buck and wear your hat--again!!
    3.  Start your dummy book day.  Let's get those Troll stories "mocked up".
    4.  Double digit multiplication rocks day.

Voting for teachers to kiss a pig is coming soon.  Watch for your ballot to come home tomorrow. 

Thanks to my former IE kids who are blogging like mad.  Way to go kids!  Be sure and check back while I'm gone to Latvia to see what I'm doing.  Did you notice the new Riga tab?  Riga is the capital city of the country Latvia and that is where I am going to get Vlad.  Check for pictures and write to me via the blog tab on my website while I am gone.  I will be checking the site daily!! 

See ya tomorrow.     Mrs. K