I ordered the pizzas and Noaha's dad says he'll bring them around 4 pm tomorrow.  How fun will that be?  I need to go to the store tonight to get some juice boxes and clementines and oreos and maybe some popcorn.  It will be like a real party.  How fun is that?

Come ready to play and get your homework done and eat and have fun.

Tomorrow we have art with Kyle.  Friday we have our concert to attend and then next week we are taking the practice MCA test.  We are swamped.  Wasn't DARE fun today?  Did you get your DARE homework done in the time I gave you to do it?  How is your school yard map coming?  We are kind of swamped with fun things to do right now.  I promise you that tomorrow we WILL get back on track (ha ha) with our Train project.   Have a great night.