Tomorrow is the big day.  Are you ready?  Chris, practice that speech.  The rest of you think of your 3 words.  If you don't use them tomorrow, you will use them at family time on Thursday.  3 words to describe how you are feeling as you look back on your elementary school career or as you look forward to your middle school and high school future.

Be sure and watch the movie tonight.  Show it to mom and or dad and blog a comment that tells something you heard them say as they watched it or when they were done watching it and you can have one of the juice bottles from the prize bucket. 

Kyle, are you sick?  I hope you feel better soon and make it to graduation.  Too many rides?  Too much junk food?  Too much Valley Fair?  Hope you are at school tomorrow.

Bring everything you need for your carnival game as we will set up the village carnival right away at 9:45 tomorrow morning.  Brenier's kids, she wants you to bring the class movie to show her.  She will love it.  See ya all tomorrow!