Most of the teachers are learning how to do it on their schoology account but I am planning on doing it through this website.  Did you know that many or most of the classes I took to get my teaching license were online or at least part online?  My Master's Degree classes were definitley online.  Still, there are some of you who can't get online at home which makes learning online tricky for elementary kids.  Maybe we'll have to make it a choice activity.  Hmm...if you have any great ideas let me know.

What are you doing today?  Are your parents working?  Are you staying warm?  My car did NOT want to start this morning.  Would you if you slept in the garage all night and it was 5 below?  I wouldn't.

Our ice rink is really icey.  Still, I think every recess will be inside this week so I am planning to bring a movie that we can start tomorrow and watch for 20 minutes every day this week.  Brain break's are  necessary despite the cold.