It's true, the week goes fast when you have Monday off and a field trip on Tuesday.  Only 2 more days to go.

Only 2 more days to go until ALL independant reading projects are due.  Brady, have you brought your's in?

This week we are doing another Bin book or two and since they are a never ending project, read on.  I don't have all the Tub Books back yet.  If you still have yours, finish what you need to be doing with it and get the packet into the IN BIN and the book to the front table.

We made our last IE switch for the semester.  When you come back from conferences we will be finishing up the group you are currently in and then we will start new groups.

Tonight I would like everyone who checks the site to comment on the blog.  Even if you are a parent.  I am trying to get a handle on how many people check the website.  2 tickets for every blog comment I recieve.  I will give your child the tickets if you are a parent.  So kiddies, you could get 6 tickets if you, mom and dad all write a comment on the blog page.  Happy blogging.                    Mrs. K