The title comes from lyrics sung by a group in the 80s.  If you can tell me tomorrow the name of that band, you can have 5 tickets.

No one got the time right on the clocks.  When we call Vlad at 10:00 a.m. our time it is 6:00 p.m. his time.  We are just finishing breakfast and he is done with supper.  Weird!  So his day is already over--same date as what we are about to live.  So, the question is, is he talking in the past or are we talking to the future?  In order to get a blog comment ticket or two (actually two) you need to 1.  restate what time it is in Latvia when we call Vlad and 2. Decide whether you think we are in the future or he is in the past.  This will also let me know if you've read this blog comment or not.

The countdown is ticking, ticking, ticking away to let us know there are only 22 more days until Christmas vacation.  Hey, only 13 more days until Vlad arrives!!

Happy Krypto--if you get that and all the rest too you'd earn 9 shiny new red tickets.   Hope everyone goes to bed early and feels better tomorrow.            Mrs. K