While students get an extra day off, teachers actually are working longer hours meeting with parents and getting to learn more about their kids--you.  I have really enjoyed meeting with your parents and sharing the wonderful work you have been doing in class with them.  They love you very much and were thrilled to see your power points and hear all about your effort in all our classes.  What a fun week for us all to get together.

Next week we start our Ogre study.  It is fun and I can hardly wait.  We have been working really hard reading a ton of informational text and then researching and writing an informational piece that we published as a power point.  We've earned a break to do some creative things like this ogre study.  We will read and write ogre poems, an ogre tale, and more.  We'll draw ogres and end by watching Shrek for our Halloween party.  How fun will that be?  Remind me to do a parent permission slip for Shrek since it is rated PG.  Hey, would you like to meet me to see the movie "Transylvania?"  That could be a fun Saturday activity for us as Halloween draws near.

I just went to the movie "Here Comes the Boom" and it was really funny.  It was very much like "Rocky" but had to do with school and a music program and a teacher who saves the day.  I really liked it.

Have a great weekend and I will see you all Monday.  Mrs. Kovacs