Paul Revere seems like a pretty amazing guy, huh?  Cool how he kept a "day book" that he wrote interesting stuff in.  We read it to learn about history.  I still can't believe he had 16 children!  Wow.  Tomorrow we will read Henry Wadsworth Longfellow"s poem, the Midnight Ride of Paul Revere and then relook at the fun story in the book.

Tonight, blog a comment about the math we have been doing and you can have 4 tickets.  Blog about the terms, the process, give an example or ask a question you still have about these complex problems.  We will practice more tomorrow so please don't panic.

Tomorrow we will take the spelling test and the math equivalent to the 1 minute reads--you know that 8 minute math test.  Finally, we haven't done timed tests yet AND we need to look at the homework.  Let's get some student experts to help us out and practice, practice, practice.              Have a good night.  No games?  Gotta tell me about them.  Mrs. Kovacs