Many of the 5th graders noticed that the 2nd grader and 4th grader they have in their family was a bit wild and off task today.  They reported that this made them frustrated and tired and left them not wanting to meet with this group again for a few days.'s time to think about that.  What bugged you about your group today?  Have you even been guilty of acting in a way that bugged others?  Have you ever been disruptive or difficult to work with?  It is interesting to look at things from a different perspective or point of view.  Use that to help shape your behavior in our classroom tomorrow.

For 4 tickets, blog a comment about what you would like to see us do in cafe time tomorrow.  I was thinking we could read Mrs. Sptizers Garden to EVERYBODY and talke about weeds and different flower types and stuff like that.  What do you think?  Blog it and earn some tickets.  The drawing is tomorrow.

Spelling test tomorrow.  That's all.               Mrs. Kovacs