Where did this week go?  It flew by. 

Congratulations to our 2 student councel representatives, Jaide T. and Bailey Perron. 

The personal narrative is due on Tuesday.  Final copy paper has been handed out and the rest of the writing and editing needs to be done at home.  Katalin already has her paper written, she just needs to do the illustration.  Be working on it so you don't have the whole thing left on Monday night.

A couple of math things went home--explain a factor triangle to someone older than 15 and have them sign.  Also homework sheet and remembering sheet 7 went home--due Monday.

A soical studies project is now ongoing and needs to be done at home.  Lili has named this project "Operation Social Studies" and the directions for it are on page 5 of the interactvie social studies notebook.  You only need to do one project.  Be creative, go above and beyond and have fun doing it.  It looks like a fun project.

If you have a Vikings t-shirt or sweatshirt or jersey wear it on Monday.  Monday night the Vikes are playing the Pack.  Go Vikes!!

So far I don't have a ticket question but check back, I'll have one.  If you have any ideas for one go ahead and blog them to me.

Have a great weekend.

Mrs. K