Where's the snow?  How can we go sledding if there is no snow?  I do see people skating on the lake but...be careful people, it hasn't been cold.  Stay near the edge where it is shallow please.  Do you know what kind of ice is safe ice?  NONE OF IT!!  Be careful.

Jim and Courtney have gone home, John and Pam are at her mom's and are house shopping with her today.  They will come back to our house on Saturday and will be at the Kovacs Christmas tomorrow night in Prior Lake.  They are starting to leave and it is sad.  I miss them when they are gone.

I was hoping to go up to Grand Rapids today for a mini vacation and stay at my brother's cabin (he and his family are there--the woman who read to us with the 2 cute little girls) but my husband doesn't want to go.  Too much driving.  Hmm...I am tired.  We still have 2 big family parties to go to.  We have his family tomorrow night and mine with my mom and brothers and sister from Colorado and everyone at my brother Scott's (Dr. Marston) house.  I still have shopping to do.  Yikes. 

Hope to see you at a rink soon.  Maybe tomorrow?  There haven't been any games for my nieces and nephews so I have been rink free all vacation long.  Have a great rest of your vacation and we'll see you on Tuesday.

Bonus Project:  If you do this you can have the first try at the K'nex building project we will be doing in January (I need up to 5 people for try #1):  Test to see which freezes faster, hot water, cold water or room temperature water.  How long does each take?  What will your controls be, what is the variable, what will your hypothesis be, how will you set it up, what will you do to test this out?  Blog your findings and results and write a short summary of your project and you can have 1. extra credit toward your sciene grade, 2. First shot at engineering the K'nex project.  Good luck and have fun!!