Today was a very rough day.  8 members of our class had to visit with the principal and some even had to spend the day with her.  The classroom was not the same without everyone there.  Here's what happened:

Yesterday I needed to go to the doctor at 2:00.  The school was short of subs so a nice old guy (ok, he was about 57) who hasn't been in a classroom for years but who wants to sub and has a sub license was called in.  Hmmm...The kids smelled his fear almost immediately and the trouble began.  Apparently my usually wonderful class decided to "sink the sub" and he went down like a rock.  Things happened that every one is ashamed of and Ms. Dahlem and I are both so disappointed in this class that it will take some time to build the trust back up.  What happened to my nice class?  Who were those kids?  How could they treat the poor guy that way?  Very rough indeed.

Anyway, sorry it took me so long to write but I needed to recover from the shock of it all.  I sure hope Ms Dahlem can forget about this and realize that these really are good kids.  Still, some of the things that happened were....shocking really.

We made ourselves pet turkeys today and tomorrow we will make a baby book for the little guy.  If you want to earn some tickets, blog a comment about what kinds of things are in a baby book.  Ask mom and dad to see yours.  They are really fun to look through.

Let's try for a great day tomorrow.                                                             Mrs. Kovacs