In IE time my group worked on alliteration today.  If you're not in my group now, no worries--you will be at some point.  Alliteration is the repeating of a sound in a sentence to make it fun, fabulous and fantastic.  It can be at the begining of a word but it can be at the end too--like "Leaves are swirling, falling, blowing, to the ground, their final resting place."  Anyway, I recited my husband's famiy's favorite:

       The Alliteration Poem                         The translation

   The tutor who tooted the toot,             The teacher who played his horn
   Tried to tutor two tutors to toot,           Tried to teach 2 other teachers to play a horn,
   Said the two to the tutor,                    Said the other 2 teachers to their teacher,
Is it harder to toot,                              Is it harder to play the horn,
   Or to tutor two tutors to toot?              Or to teach 2 other teachers to play the horn?

If you would like 1 ticket tomorrow, recited line one of this poem to me.

If you would like 5 tickets, be able to recite line one of the poem AND be able to give me the general idea of what the 
poem means in other words, read the translation and know what the poem is talking about.

And for 10 whole tickets, be able to do both those things AND tell me what kind of poem this is.

And for a chance to go straight to the prize bucket and pull out a prize, recite the whole poem AND be able to tell me what it means.

Have a great night!!

Mrs. K