Isn't it wonderful?  We took family time outdoors and then we took math review outdoors.  Love it!!

If you are attending the Twin's game with us on Sunday we meet at the school at 10:45 and leave at 11:00.  You have your tickets, they were handed out on Wednesday.  Wear your DARE shirt and be ready for a funtastic event.  Bring $ if you will want a snack or a drink.  We will head for home at 3:30 so plan on us arriving back at school by 4:00.

Enjoy the weekend.  Work through the MCA practice test in math.  It will be a good way to keep your rad math skills in the forefront of your brain.  Tell yourself how awesome you are at math and drink in math knowledge all weekend long.  Come well rested and well fed on Monday as we start the test right away at 9:25.