So you got to stay home today.  Me too!! ;)

Here is a snow day challenge.  For every item you complete on the list you can have 4 tickets when you blog a comment saying you completed it and how it went.  For every item you complete and send me a picture of yourself completing it, you can have 10 tickets OR 3 thin mint girl scout cookies.


1.  Drink a cup of hot cocoa;
2.  Make cookies;
3.  Read in an interesting place that is NOT your bedroom;
4.  Play outside in the snow;
5.  SHOVEL off the steps for mom and dad (double bonus for this one!);
6.  Write a poem about snow or snow days or staying home from school because of snow;
7.  Call a grandpa or grandma and talk to them for at least 5 minutes about all the things you are doing today.
8.  Ask someone what it means to "not look a gift horse in the mouth."  
9.  Take a picture or sketch a picture or your pet or if you don't have a pet, then draw your dream pet.

Enjoy your day.  Come ready to work tomorrow.  Remember that we have Makers Space on Thursday so be thinking about what you are going to build/create.

Mrs. Kovacs