It was a fun but rather exhausing day.  The reindeer are wild and need to be tamed.  Perhaps tomorrow will be calmer.  Today we created our puppets, built our set, shopped at the book fair and finalized our scripts.  Wow.  What a day!!  We even squeezed in time to meet with our 5th grade mentors.  The boys held a forum on the importance of reading (the 5th grade boys seemed to think it was hugely important and had great strategies for making it fun and interesting) and the girls worked on math.  Great times.

Tomorrow we will polish our puppet shows and get them ready to perform.  I will be taping them and creating a short video that I hope to put on the morning news.  Let's hope there's some keepers in group.

Let's come back tomorrow ready to work.  If we work hard all morning we will be able to complete our puppet show work in the afternoon.  Have a great night.        Mrs. Kovacs