We are heading into a two day week that is normal and then 3 days that will be very odd.  The 5th graders leave for Deep Portage next week on Wednesday, very early in the morning.  Mrs. Stonehouse is going along this year.  They will have a BLAST!  I will be staying back with the 3rd and 4th graders and we are going to PARTY!!  Well, that's what we are going to tell the 5th graders anyway.  We will do some engineering and design building with various things and then spend some time outdoors doing some leaf gathering.  We will still do math and reading but fit in some cup stacking and luna stick twirling and...kendamas, puzzle balls, kinetic sand and more.  We will be swamped!!  We will be exploring new paths to learning, that is for sure.  If you have any ideas for other things we can do next week, blog a comment and let me know.  I am up to considering anything!!

Be sure and remind mom and dad that Monday night is Explorations Curriculum Night!  Hope to see them there.  Hey, did you check the student tab?  Check it out to see what's there.

Get outside and enjoy this absolutely beautiful fall weather.  
Today we are babysitting Jack.  We went to Como Zoo, Choo Choo Bob's , Davaniis, Grand Ol' Creamery, and more.  Good times!!  See you Monday.

Mrs. Kovacs