We can't believe Dylan missed running the mile.  Oh well, that gave other kids a chance to win!!  Hope Dylan and James are feeling better and back with us soon. 

We are loving the new reading story Finding the Titanic.  It goes back and forth between two time periods--movies sometimes do that.  It's called a flashback.  Anyway, in this story some modern day treasure hunters are looking for the Titanic.  In the flashbacks we follow the story of a girl who was on the Titanic and read about how unsinkable ships sink.

Tomorrow we are going to start our new math unit.  It starts with Situation Equations and Solution Equations.  I think we could write a poem about a Situation Equation.  In fact, if you write a poem tonight that has "situation equation" in it I will gladly give you 5 whole tickets tomorrow. 

We will continue to work on Regions and Maps in Social Studies although tomorrow we will go to Star Lab during Social Studies time.  We will get in a little astronomy which is a sciene that studies stars, moons, sun, and heavens. 

Congrats to Alec's football team.  They are in the championship game on Super Sunday!!  Way to go Alec!!

See you all tomorrow--or at least all of you who are well.    Mrs. K