So how was working with the lap top lab?  I would love to have it in once a week but...I checked with Mrs. Severson and it's NEVER going to do AR tests.  She said the ones that wouldn't go online had the button on the left pushed front instead of back (or back instead of front--just remember to check it if it happens to you next time).  Also, she's going to look into why you couldn't post a blog comment.  Very curious.

Today's BHTQ has to do with math.  Exlain one of the following in a blog comment for 2 tickets:  congruent shapes, non congruent shapes, similar shapes.  To earn an additional 4 tickets, explain what "the orientation" of a shape means.

Tomorrow I will be at staff development so watch for Mr. R.  Be on your best behavior, treat him like you would treat a guest in your home.  Be as nice to him as you would be to your grandpa and grandma when they agree to babysit you or take you somewhere.  I'll be around so I will say HI.  Just know that I will be watching you!!            Mrs. Kovacs