Congrats to all the kids who came in knowing Cal Ripkin Jr retired in 2001.  The man played in an amazing number of baseball games.  Like Lou Gehrig, he played in a record number of consequtive games.  They were both hard working dedicated guys who hated to miss a game.

We are going to continue learning more about baseball and baseball heroes over the course of the next 2 weeks.  We are going to read baseball story books, calculate batting averages, learn how to score a baseball game, and more.  Parents who are good at this stuff, feel free to help out at home.  Also, I have invited dad's and grandpas to come read  us baseball stories anytime in the next couple weeks.  I have the books, I just need the bodies.

These are fun days in 4th grade.  Who doesn't love to learn more about their heroes.  Each kid is going to pick their current favorite baseball player and create a glog page of information on them including stats, pictures, and interesting facts.  Be thinking about who your favorite professional baseball player is.

                                                                                    See ya Monday,  Let's Play Ball      Mrs. Kovacs