Tomorrow, we will go outside, rain or shine.  Precious little will keep us inside tomorrow, I tell you.  Come prepared.  Have a raincoat, boots if you like (although we will stay on the sidewalk if its' raining), an umbrella, whatever.  Also, remember, you won't die from getting a bit wet.

Do you wonder how I got the title for this post?  Come on 5th graders, blog an answer so the readers can know what it means.

Two girls went crazy with the homophone work today and REFUSED to use our friends google and online webster and came up with over 100 homophone pairs all on their own.  Remarkable!! Way to work kids.  

Today we wondered about some stuff.  We wondered as we wandered around the school.  

Tomorrow, remind me to hand out the October reading calendar and...shoot, I already forgot the other thing you need to remind me to do.  Hmmm...if it comes to me I'll blog it.  

Have a great night.