We have 2 students out with the dreaded H1N1 flu.  Please be sure to wash your hands and keep your cough covered with your elbow.

Mid-terms are going home by Friday.  Please please please warn your parents if they do not know what to expect.  It will only make matters worse if they are unpleasantly surprised.  With that said, many of you are doing wonderfully and I am sure your parents will be very happy with your report.

I was discouraged this weekend as I corrected things.  There were so many people who had missing work!  I really figure that you will do your work and turn it in.  You can be sure that I will NOT go in your desk looking for it.  You guys are better than that. 

Finally, I was really happy to see all the Independent Reading Projects come in today.  Way to go, class!  Remember, you need to have in 5 for an A by November 13.  You can do it!!

See you tomorrw.  Hope Dylan and James feel better.          Mrs. K