Does that title seem a bit confusing to you?  Two four day--what does that even mean?

We had a lot of fun today.  We got to help Mrs. Krocak with fitness testing and then we got to go on a leaf hunt and do a crayon rubbing of leaves art project with our 1st grade buddies in Mr. Bates' class.  Two big exciting things in one day.

Remind your parents about goal setting conferences this week.  They can e-mail me if they are unsure of their time or day.  THe conferences start tomorrow evening and then continue to Friday and Monday evening.  Next week we just have school on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday because of MEA.  Wow!!  So much vacation, so few days of school.

This long weekends BHTQ has to do with your hopes and dreams for this year.  Blog a comment about what it is you hope and dream for this year.  If your comment is thoughtful and reflective and AT LEAST 2 sentences long, you can have 4 tickets on Monday.