Wow!  The fall festival was freaky, fabuslously frenzied fun!  How's that for alliteration?  I will gvie you two tickets if you can tell me where on the website you can find the definition for one of these words AND which word it is AND use the word in a sentence in blog comment to me.

I saw many kids from our class but I know I missed Rachel.  Did I miss anyone else who was there?  I didn't get there until 7 and I stayed until about 7:50.  Wow, it was bustling with activity.  People told me Rachel had been there but I couldn't find her anywhere.  I will post some pictures on the student page and you can see what I saw.  I didn't see anyone from our class dancing--chickens!!  I think quite a few kids had hockey.  I also saw a ton of kids who went to Oneka but are now in middle school.  It is always fun to see how grown up kids are getting.  Lots of them told me they knew Vlad and that he's very funny.  He is.

So get out there and soak up some sunshine.  I am going to rake up some leaves.  I bet your parents would LOVE it if you reaked up some leaves too.  Come on, you can do it.  If you do it without them having to ask, I bet they'll either hug you, pay you, buy you something, take you out to eat, or start to cry tears of pride and joy.  To earn a quick trip to the prize bucket this weeken, do a job for your parents without them having to ask you to do it.  Then, blog a comment on what their reaction was and what job you did for them.  I hope no parents fall over or faint or anything--though it could happen.

Happy Halloween.  Safe Trick or Treating everyone!!