Alaria named today Fruesday as it is Friday + Tuesday.  Trust me, it felt way more like a Friday!!  The kids were wound, we had a ticket drawing, there was the excitement of a fire drill and we had ART connected to our Haikus which we worked on to the sounds of music was a bit much.  We need to all calm down, relax and recoup over the next 5 days--or at least I do.  I prefer to think of the kids as resting rather than rejuvenating!

Happy Birthday to Isaiah.  We had to sing twice because the first time through was TERRIBLE! 

3 tickets to everyone who blogs Saturday's birthday boy a Happy Birthday message.  Check the calendar to see who the lucky boy is.  Of course, if the birthday boy himself blogs for 3 tickets his message will say, "Happy Birthday to ME".

Keep checking in and know that I will be sitting in meetings tomorrow wishing you kids would be here.  We do have fun!

Mrs. K