Only thirteen and a half hours [13 1/2 ] until school starts!  I am so excited I probably won't sleep a wink!  I have waited 3 long years for you guys and your are finally going to be in my class!  Hooray!!

I went to the mall today and got my first day of school outfit.  I went yesterday but didn't find anything.  I thought I was going to have to wear something I already had.  :(  But then today, success.  I am so happy because my new clothes look good (well, not Ms. Schiele good but pretty good considering I am 20+ years older than the darling Ms. Schiele) and they are super comfortable.  Don't you just love comfortable clothes?  Don't forget how cold it is in my room and be sure to bring a sweatshirt to keep yourself warm.

Tomorrow we are going to...stay tuned and you will find out ALL about it.  See ya in a few!!  Mrs. Kovacs