Check out the extra credit tab.  The countdown to the next countdown is over and we are on to a new countdown.  This time we are counting down to the Christmas Holiday Vacation.  Can you believe we have to go to school all the way through December 23?  That is going to be painful!!

So how is everybody?  Are you doing your math homework?  Are you ready to kick off the new unit?  How about science--you finally get to start magnets on Monday.  You are going to love ♥ that unit!  Fun, fun times with magnets, I tell you.
(How do you like that heart?  One of my old students, and by old I mean former because she is only about 12, taught me how to do that.  Pretty cool, huh?

Only 16 more days until Vlad comes.  He arrives in the United States on December 13.  I can't wait.  We are calling him again tomorrow morning our time.  If we call him at 10:00 a.m. our time, what time is it in Latvia, his time?  Blog the answer and get 2 tickets.  Is he talking to the past or are we talking to the future?  Hmmm...

Gotta go, it's late and I am tired.  Have a fun weekend and I'll see ya on Monday,