Wow!!  How cool are you guys!  I must have the coolest students in the world.  It was so much fun to get comments from you and to read the comments you are making to eachother.  Remember, you have to click on the blue words that say there are replies to get the replies to show up.  Last night I replied to all of you yet some of you didn't see my notes because you didn't know you had to click on that.  We went over it in class so hopefully we're a go now!!

I am thrilled that some of you used this to talk about homework.  It was great to be able to help Jaide with math last night by reminding her what the associative property of addition is.  If you still don't know, open the reply I made to Jaide last night and check it out.  You could even help eachother out with homework.  If you are having trouble, post a comment.  Anyone who can help you should reply.  It doesn't have to be me!  You can help eachother.  We'll talk about that some more tomorrow.

I am also thrilled to see you making plans for the next school day with eachother.  And of course, the super complimentary compliments you make to me don't hurt your chances for great grades, either.  Just kidding!!  But who doesn't like to read nice stuff about themselves.

Blogging 4th graders--imagine that.  I can't wait to see what you'll wow me with tomorrow!!     Mrs. Kovacs