Today's question for the chocolate challenge has to do with Nate.  Just how much chocolate has Nate had.  He did the chocolate challenge question 2 times.  How much do you get each time?  Then, he got 1/12 for blogging a comment about the question "would you rather have 1/2 or 5/12?"  [Well, since 1/2 is equivalent to 6/12, any normal chocolate loving kid would rather have 6/12 since that is 1/12 bigger than 5/12.]  Blog a comment about how much chocolate Nate has consumed and explain why you think that and you can be a part of tomorrow's chocolate challenge. 

Today's BHTQ, worth 4 tickets, is...what would you rather have, .553 or a candy bar or .519 of the candy bar. it.

We are now done with the MCA tests and need to move on to review our goals for MAP and then take the MAP next week.  We will come up with some kind of reward system and EVERYONE who meets or exceeds their goal in reading or math will get to have the reward.  Any ideas?  Blog it and we just might do it.

Mrs. Kovacs