And they are beautiful.  I keep changing my mind as to which stain color I like the best.  To be honest, it's like at the GAP where all the different colors are stacked together--they look the best in an array or display of them all.  They are going to be so much fun to use!!  I have pictures to post--stay tuned for that.

So, we are not going to varnish them yet.  Here's my thinking.  We are wasting valuable time that we could be using them so let's just get started using them.  I think we'll put the handles and clip boards in them on Friday and take them out for a spin.  Then some week in January when the wind chill factor makes it an IN day, we can varnish them and let them dry.  For now they'll be ok.  I don't think the boy scout varnished his so...they'll survive until January or so.

I am going to be at professional development tomorrow morning and then getting a crown on my tooth (hopefully that is all it needs--I can't take another root canal!) in the afternoon.  Ms. Goertzen will be there in the morning to kick off unit 3 in math and then she has to take off in the afternoon to go to the professional development.  There will be a sub--work hard in science and HELP HER OUT!!  I think you are going to try different lengths of string on your pendulum OR different weight on the end so...please please please enjoy the experience by staying on task and doing what you know you should be doing.  I know I can count on you!!