So, my pretties, this is the week when we get to finally see the big show--The Wizard of Oz.  I can hardly wait!  We walk over on Thursday and then the opening night is Friday, April 1.  That's no joke, by the way.  

For tonight's ticket question write a comment about your favorite Exploration Show that you have seen--been in the audience.  Obviously then, you can't comment on your own exploration.  Was it learning about "How in the World do Buildings not fall over" or "How in the world do our eyes see" or "How in the world does the brain work"?  In your comment tell WHY it was your favorite.  You can have 2 tickets for every sentence you use to describe the presentation topic and the why you liked it up to 8 tickets.  Blog a response to someone else's comment and you can have 2 more.  Happy blogging.