Thanks to Nate who reminded me to put a BHTQ on the blog.  How could I forget that?

Here it is:  Who is your favorite reindeer and why.  You may have 4 tickets if you blog a 3+ sentence comment telling which one of "All of the OTHER" reindeer (in otherwords, NOT RUDOLPH) is your favorite and tell why you like that one the best.

Jake has a hockey tournament in Grantsburg, Wisconsin and that is where I spent the day today.  We just got home.  We have to go back tomorrow for an 8 am game.  YUCK!!  I want to sleep until 9, go to church, and then relax in front of the fireplace with the lap top and your grades.  Report cards go home Tuesday.  You are all doing very well.

Monday we'll wrap up the shows.  You may have 2 additional tickets if you blog a comment that gives me your opinion about inviting our 1st grade buddies in to watch our shows.  Who would like to do that?  Blog a yes or no and tell why or why not. 

Have a great day tomorrow, see you Monday.    Mrs. Kovacs