Don't forget that tomorrow is the BEAR WEAR challenge.  We are in competition with Mrs. Barnett's class to see which class will have a higher percentage of people wearing BEAR WEAR tomorrow.  Wear your White Bear t-shirt, sweatshirt, pants, shorts, jersey or whatever you can find.  We've just got to win--there are tootsie pops on the line.  I think the smart money is on our class because we had a GREAT turn out for orange and black day and a good turn out for button day.  In fact, a couple kids wore so many buttons I had no choice but to give them extra credit tickets!

    Today's ticket question has to do with our first classmate's birthday.  Who has a birthday coming up?  Check this web site to see if you can find the answer.  It's worth 3 tickets.  Also, be sure and vote in the new survey and check out the cool pie graph that displays the results of the last survey.

    Tomorrow is a ticket drawing and a couple students donated some AMAZING prizes so I hope I win!!  Oh no, I don't have any tickets! 

See you tomorrow in your BEAR WEAR--Go Bears!!