Jake is actually moving into college on the 30th which is Tuesday so that day won't work at all.  Let's just go with the 1st of September as our date.  I am making the invitations as we speak and they will be in the mail soon.  I am so excited.  Except for when Antonia came to my house and when Allie Gruber stopped over because she was on a soccer team with one of my neighbor girls I have never had my school kids to my house before.  I really want you all to come.  I hope you can all make it.

John and Pam are back in the United States after their mission trip to Haiti.  I will put some of his pictures on the vacation tab.  They got back on Saturday night, slept in their apartment in DC, go up did some packing and headed off to Alaska for a week trip.  They are going to be there when Joe arrives.  Joe leaves for a semester in Alaska (Anchorage University) on Thursday morning.  Then Jake leaves next Tuesday.  Wow, after a full house this summer (at one point John and Pam, Jim, Joe, Jake, Vlad, Mr. Kovacs and me were all living here) we will be really empty.  It is sad.  I do actually cry about it at times.  Good thing I have school and a back to school party to look forward to.

Vlad is playing soccer on the 9th grade team.  This is his first time ever being on a team.  He is so excited, it is so cute.  He is selling cookie dough for a fund raiser.  He is quite the salesman.

See you next week I hope.                                                                              Mrs. Kovacs