Enjoy your week off.  Stop by and see me at your conferences.  I miss you.

When you come back Monday:  we will have a regular day.  
     1.  My math group has their geo-models due.  The assignment is on the homework tab.  I got one already!!
     2.  We are starting our new Science and Social Studies units and my class will head to Mr. Cauley's room for Voyagers
                          and his class will come here for Simple Machines.
     3.  New spelling words for that week are on the homework tab under reading.

Here's the long break challenge:  
     Do at least 5 of these things and you can have 10 tickets on Monday.  Do them ALL and get 20!!
     1.  Try a food at your Thanksgiving meal that you have not had before or think you do not like.  Blog what you tried and how you liked it.  No saying, "Yuck!" at the table but you can blog yum or yuck or hmmmm....interesting.
     2.  Get outside and play for at least 1 hour.  Blog what you did outside and who you did it with.
     3.  Read 30 minutes a day for AT LEAST 5 of the days off.  Blog a blurb about what you are reading and WHEN you are reading it.
     4.  Eat ice cream.  Blog a comment saying what flavor.
     5.  Watch a movie.  Either at home or at the theater or a friend's home or grandmas.  Anywhere.  BLog what movie you watched.  
     6.  RESPOND / REPLY to 3 classmates blog comments about any of the topics above.  I'll see them.  
     7.  Eat popcorn one day.  Will you choose microwave, movie theater, CandyLand, store bought.  Blog what kind you had.  I will be having mine dripping with butter.  It is a holiday weekend!!
     8.  Tell 4 people who don't live at your house with you that you LOVE them--grandparents, cousins, aunts, uncles, neighbor moms and dads.  It can be over the phone.  Blog a list of who you told.

Enjoy your break.  As always, remember there are some trash to treasure tickets to be had!!

Love you all,

Mrs. Kovacs