The last couple days have been tricky since my voice is nearly completely gone.  But you guys have stepped up, quieted down, listened to classmates who have been talking for me, and more.  I appreciate your efforts and your help.  From Bjorn who put chairs around without being asked, to Evan who is my voice, to Emma who ran morning meeting, to Hannah who did read aloud, to Evan who did read aloud yesterday...thank you all so much.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and we will table talk about our research studies.  We will also put a few fun things in our turkey baby books.  We will have a dessert taste test and we will create some thank you cards.  And who can forget Charlie Brown's Thanksgiving!  We have to watch that.  There will also be Thanko as a school wide game and a chance to let classmates know that you appreciate them.

Today's ticket question is simply this:  Who has there mailbox right on top of yours or under yours?  Blog their name.  Each row is self contained so the top and bottom person would cyle back to each other.  6 points for simply blogging classmates names who have their mailboxes by you!  Wow, easy peasy.

Tomorrow you can invite your turkey home for dinner and then you can take pictures of him doing fun stuff with you all break long.  If you send me a picture of your turkey at home, I will post it on the class website.  Evan, are there any pictures of that from last year?

Enjoy your evening.