I am at a technology integration meeting all day today.  I will miss you guys and I trust that you will behave for your sub.  It's a guy.  Maybe he will use his scary "man" voice on you.  Hope that works!

On your morning work I asked you to talk about technology in our classroom.  What do we use it for, how often, how does it compare to other classrooms and things like that.  If you blog a comment that tells your perspective on technology in OUR classroom I will give you the chance to get in on the chocolate bar math deal.  So far I have 4 kids in.  They are Carly, Maddie, Austin and...I can't remember.  Is it Gavin?  Hunter?  I will have to look.  Blog me the name of the other candy bar kid and you can have a couple tickets.  If you are already in the candy bar gang, you can have a trip to the prize bucket.

Was it an IN day.  Sorry I missed that.    Mrs. Kovacs