How was your first day of summer, 2017?  It was hot.  Did you swim?  Ride your bike?  Play in a ball game?  You may not know this but teachers worked.  I was at school until 5:00 pm  I will officially start summer on Monday.

My son John and his wife Pam and my only two grandchildren arrive tomorrow from Turkey.  They are staying with us from tomorrow until June 21 and then again July 5 through the 9th.  Then they go back off to Turkey.  In the middle of that I will be teaching Summer Academy, planning my mom's memorial services and training Charlie Cooper.  He has a way to go.

Blog this summer.  Send me fun pictures of what you are doing and I will post them on the student tab.  Blog me and we can plan a meeting up at Cup and Cone in July and August.  Whatever works.

Keep me updated on the happenings in your life.  I miss you already!!  Did you watch the class movie at home yet?  Blog a comment about whether or not your mom and dad liked it so I can tell my husband.  

I'll be watching for you around town and hope to see you soon.