I got to see both Rachel and Olivia Thomas play softball on Saturday at Otter.  They both ran home and slid in for a run.  It was so exciting!  They are not on the same team but both their teams were playing at the same time in the same tournament so it worked out great.

We are busy planting flowers and staining the decks and making food for Jake's grad party which is on Sunday the 19th.  This is also Father's Day.  Busy times.

I start teaching at Summer Academy tomorrow.  It is only for 3 weeks and for 1/2 days but it starts at 8:00 am--ouch!!  I teach a class for budding young lawyers and we handle lots of cases, sue people and things like that.

Send me your vacation pictures (to my school e-mail--you can link in through this website if you go to the links tab) and I will post them on the new summer vacation tab for all your friends to see.

Enjoy your week!!   Mrs. Kovacs