But I will be in the school for professional development and I may pop in at any time and am watching you!  Be ready to see me!  Be doing what I expect you to do so I can smile at you when I do see you!!

My student teacher from last year, Ms. Goertzen, will be your sub.  Please be on your best behavior as she is a very sweet teacher and expects great things from you.

Remember that a lot of the homework tonight was social studies.  Read and finish taking notes on Chapter 4!  Finish your Google Presentation for the museum on Friday.  You only have 1/2 an hour of choice time to work on those things tomorrow so...maybe it needs to go home.  Remember, you can access both those things from home.

Bryce has a cool Native American project.  He'll show you all about it on Friday.  He is prepared to set you up to do the same thing if you are interested.  

Have a great evening.    Welcome back tomorrow, my WE Day Adventurers!!  We missed you!!  The 3-D version of the movie starts at 7:00 at the Township Theaters.  There is a non 3-D one at 7:25.  I assume you want 3-D, I know Vlad does.

Blog a comment about whether or not you think you can attend the movie and you can have tickets tomorrow.